1. Pacific Coast Bible College & Graduate School of Theology is a Religious Educational Institution established under the authority of Inheritance Ministries, Inc. It is a California based Evangelical Pentecostal Religious Corporation. The College and Graduate School were started in March 1985 for training and equipping of its church and denominational membership. The education offered at PCBC & GST is reflective of its religious based philosophy, principles, and Bible doctrine taught in the parent Religious Corporation.
2. Pacific Coast Bible College & Graduate School of Theology operates pursuant to the California State Education Code Section 94739 (b) (6) for Private Postsecondary Educational Institutions. The colleges California Code number is: # 3302671.
3. Credits are earned at PCBC & GST. We cannot set acceptable standards for other Bible Colleges, Seminaries, and/or Graduate School’s. However, students desiring to transfer units from another college or universities must ask that institution to send a transcript of credits to the Registrar office at the earliest possible date for evaluation. Transcripts will not be accepted for credit if they are not mailed directly from the school to PCBC & GST.

Students from accredited colleges normally receive full credit for courses similar to those offered at PCBC & GST, provided that grades earned were a “C" or above and that the courses parallel requirements in the program of study chosen at this college.

Students from non-accredited schools must seek an appointment with the Dean of Admissions concerning transfer of credit.
4. We have not sought approval for Veterans Administration benefits, because we are a Religious based Educational Institution.
5. Application to Pacific Coast Bible College & Graduate School of Theology may be made as early as three month’s prior to the beginning of the school term for which the applicant wishes to be approved. New students are admitted for each of the three terms: Fall Quarter, Winter Quarter, and Spring Quarter. Applications may be filed until the registration date of a particular term.


Pacific Coast Bible College & Graduate School of Theology does not discriminate in its admission polices on basis of race, color, or national origin.


We are not accredited with any secular school accrediting system because we do not teach secular subjects. We are purely a Theological College and Graduate School.

Pacific Coast Bible College & Graduate School of Theology is committed to the highest standards of religious academic learning and integrity. The State of California acknowledges our right to issue these religious degrees.

In addition, PCBC & GST is a member of the Accrediting Commission International for Schools, Colleges, and Theological Seminaries. This International Commission holds as its primary objective the encouragement and maintenance of sound scholarship and the highest achievements in the areas of religious education.


Class schedules will be posted prior to the beginning of each new quarter. Two classes are given each quarter and meet on Monday evenings as follows:

Monday Night at 7:30 to 8:30 P.M.
Monday Night at 8:50 to 10:00 P.M.


The textbook for PCBC & GST is the Holy Bible, however, nearly every course uses at least one supplementary text. Supplementary books have been carefully selected and may be purchased through PCBC & GST. On occasion books may be used which are available in Christian Book stores. Books that are not easily obtainable for classes will not be assigned. Students are expected to purchase all books prior to the first class session. Costs will vary, but students are advised to plan for approximately $75.00 per quarter if taking a full schedule. Financing terms are not available for book purchases.


Due to the importance of the eternal matters dealt with in a college such as PCBC & GST, classroom attendance is not left to the discretion of the student. It is understood that a student will be present in class except for legitimate reasons. Attendance is recorded from the opening date of each quarter.

When a student's number of absences exceeds 25 percent of the total number of class hours, the student is automatically dropped from the class with a "W/F". This grade is computed as an “I/F" in the grade point average. All exceptions must have the instructor's approval and that of the Dean of Admissions.


Students finding it necessary to withdraw from school must file Intent to Withdraw Form at the office of the Registrar. Accounts must be settled and all business finished before withdrawal.

A student who is unable to pay an account may be asked to withdraw until he is financially able to continue, after which, he may apply for readmission in the following quarter.

Those failing to follow proper procedures in withdrawing from class will receive W/F", which signifies Withdrawal/Failing in all courses dropped. Transcripts will not be furnished until accounts are paid in full.


The grade "I" signifies Incomplete, but otherwise satisfactory work. It is only assigned in cases of extreme emergencies, and is given only when the student would not pass the course or receive a lower grade because extenuating circumstances prevented the completion of the work on time. If the incomplete has not been made up within the following quarter (or the following 12 weeks as in the case of the Spring Quarter), the "I" is changed to either an 'I/F" or which signifies Incomplete/Failing this alternate grade is assigned by the instructor.


The grade point system is used with letter grades being translated to numerical values (See scale below). Grades are usually available within three weeks following the conclusion of finals each quarter and are listed on grade cards received from the Registrar.

Grade Per Unit Quality Point
A 4.00
B 3.00
C 2.00
D 1.00
F 0.00
W (Withdrawal) 0.00
W/P (Withdrawal-Passing Grade) 0.00
W/F (Withdrawal-Failing Grade) 0.00
I (Incomplete) 0.00
I/F (Incomplete/Failing) 0.00
Audit 0.00


Graduation not only depends upon the prescribed number of units of course work, but also upon the number of quality points earned. Accrued quality points must equal twice the number of units for which the student has been registered at any time, exclusive of those for which the student received the grade “W” or "W/P”.

Quality of work in a course is indicated as follows:

1. A indicates the highest of work and is reserved for outstanding achievement.
2. B Indicates definitely superior work done in a sustained and intelligent manner.
3. C the average grade of the great majority of students, the reward for work satisfactorily performed.
4. D indicates the lowest passing grade.
5. F Indicates failures. If the grade of “F" or “D" is made in a course required for a major, the course must be repeated.
6. W Indicates withdrawal from the class (See Withdrawal Adjustments).
7. W/P Indicates the student has withdrawn with a passing grade.
8. W/F Indicates the student has withdrawn with a failing grade. In a case where a Withdrawal has not been approved or the student was not doing passing work at the time of their withdrawal, a grade of “W/F” will be recorded.
9. I Indicates incomplete.


The following information is to guide the student in planning for his educational expenses. It does not guarantee that these prices will prevail throughout his scholastic year. The rates printed in this catalog are those in effect as of July 1, 2005, and are subject to change without notice by action of the Executive Board of Regents. The PCBC & GST reserves the right to assess new fees or charges in relation to rising costs.



16 Quarter Hours $640.00
Less than 16 Quarter Hours $40.00 per Quarter Hour
Audit (Non-credit) $25.00 per Quarter Hour




The first spouse pays the regular tuition and the second spouse pays the regular tuition less 25 percent.


Individuals wishing to audit a class may do so with the following proviso:

Submit to the Registrar a completed Application accompanied by a one time non-refundable fee of $30.00. Pay $25.00 per quarter hour. No class work will be required and no credit will be given.



Application Fee (non-refundable) $ 30.00
Transcript Charge $5.00
Audit (Non-credit) $25.00 per Quarter Hour
Graduation Fee
(This fee includes academic regalia)
Continuation Fee $200.00
License to Preach $150.00
Ordination $200.00




Tuition is due at the time of registration. However, we do provide a deferred payment plan for the convenience of students unable to pay the total cost at registration. The basis of this plan is as follows:

One third of the total tuition must be paid at the time of registration. The balance may be paid in two equal payments on the 10 TH of each of the succeeding two months. There will be no interest charged.

NOTE: Credits will not be issued until each and all quarterly financial obligations have been satisfied. ALL ACCOUNTS MUST BE CURRENT BEFORE REGISTRATION FOR THE NEXT COLLEGE TERM.


A student who withdraws from college must do so formally by submitting a completed Intent to Withdraw Form to the Registrar and may receive a refund on total tuition charges in accordance with the following schedule:

Within the first week after the first class is attended 50%
Within the second week after the second class is attended 25%
After the third week of classes No Refund
Refunds will be issued base on the total cost of the Bible Course or Sessions





California Baptist College (100,000 Volumes)
8432 Magnolia Avenue Riverside, CA 92504

Loma Linda University (170,000 Volumes)
4700 Pierce Street Riverside, CA 92543

University of California at Riverside (UCR) (1,000,000 Volumes)
900 University Ave. Riverside, CA


Jesus said:
"Ye do err, not knowing the Scriptures, nor the power of God.” (Matthew 22:29)

Peter said:
"As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the Word, that ye may grow thereby."
(I Peter 2:2)

James said:
“ ... be ye doers of the Word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves."
(James 1:22)

Paul said:
"Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividingthe word of truth."
(2 Timothy 2:15)

"And the things that thou hast heard of Me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also." (2 Timothy 2:2)


The uniqueness of the program at Pacific Coast Bible College & Graduate School of Theology lies in a firm commitment to offer a curriculum that will contribute to the development of the whole person for Christian service. The very heart of this institution is the Bible, God’s written Word. As we " study to show ourselves approved”, the rich foundational truths of Scripture unravel the mysteries of God - the power and riches which God has given each of us through faith in Christ Jesus.

In making Pacific Coast Bible College & Graduate School of Theology a reality, we have sought to remove many of the problem areas that often prevent students from beginning or completing their Christian Education. For example, we have chosen to schedule classes so that our students may enjoy continued participation in the ministry in their local church. In addition, we have scheduled our classes to meet in the evenings, which allow students to continue their employment. In the area of finances, we believe Pacific Coast Bible College 's tuition to be among the lowest in the nation.

Our staff and instructors are graduates of some of our nations finest Colleges, Universities, and Seminaries. Which bring a vast spectrum of experience and professionalism to this College and Graduate School . We believe PCBC & GST offers the serious student of the Word of God the opportunity of making a sound Christian Education a practical reality.

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